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Term 2 Week 3

Our senior students can be rightly proud of their outstanding efforts to ensure the BBPS tradition of honouring ANZAC Day. Their collective efforts, along with 4D’s thoughtful student reflections combined with the family clips of the drive-way dawn service tributes has resulted in one of the most moving portrayals of this most important day in the Australian calendar.

Many thanks to Amy Chisholm and Naomi Beales, BBPS Team and to all our families who contributed. Whilst the end result is less than 8 minutes the hours of back ground work, coordination and collation is totally worth this beautiful portrayal.

We invite you to listen again to the very moving poems by Nico, Ruby, Georgina, Jules and Keira and to read Aaron’s very moving poem below.

Check out the learning challenges below…including… ‘mayhem, mistakes, modern takes (Thermomix Version) many helping hands or solo have-a goes and… amazing artistic adaptations’!

Our kids are such capable self-motivated learners.

Well done to our parents who are trusting their children by getting out of their way and letting them have a go.


Many thanks for your responses to our initial survey about our first full week of Learning from Home - please see a snapshot below

Greatest Successes by families could be grouped according to the following themes:

  • Survival

“Making it through each day without too much confusion!”

“Getting something done”

“Making it through the week happy and healthy”

  • Completing at least some of the learning tasks

  • The introduction of interactive pre-recorded lessons

  • Zoom class check-ins

  • Establishing family routines and working habits

“My child establishing [their] own routines”

“My two year old deciding it seems fun and deciding to copy her sister doing work instead of hinder”

“Having the content in advance … to pre-plan the structure for the following day”

“Improved self-sufficiency and independence … needing my help less”

Greatest Challenges included:

  • Trying to simulate school – an impossible task.

“The lack of personal interaction with the teacher in a teaching capacity”

“Reluctance of children to want to learn from me. Bad attitudes and respect for parents not the same as shown to school teachers”

  • Initial technology glitches, such as internet connection, links working, navigating new platforms such as Google Drive.

  • Balancing commitments to work with commitments at home

  • Discovering learning habits – you are not alone.

“Staying focused”

“Disorganised and refuses to concentrate”

“Trying to keep focused and challenged throughout the day”

“Answering questions and knowing when my child is struggling or if she says she is ok, is she really?”

Some of the other challenges and queries shared by our community (e.g. around teacher feedback on learning, clarity of learning tasks and expectations for the Specialist program) have either already been addressed as part of Stage Three this week, and reflect plans featured and included in Stage Four. Information on what this looks like will be in our communication via Compass tomorrow. We will continue to share community feedback and survey again in the coming weeks.

Social Distancing Celebrations – We’d like to feature a few of the creative ways families are celebrating birthdays. Please email to photos that we can include in next week’s newsletter by Tuesday.


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