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Term 2 Week 8

Returning to School – After the long weekend we can finally welcome back all our students in Years 3-6. We congratulate all our families and extended family members who have tackled this unique time in our lives. We look forward to re-connecting and celebrating with you all next week.

The P-2 Transition over the past two weeks has been extremely smooth - we thank our families for your outstanding effort in adjusting to the staggered pick ups, drop offs and processes in place across the school. We will be sharing an updated Return to School Guidelines with you all tomorrow via Compass, further describing relevant details in light of the return of all our students next week.

Digital Citizenship

Our children, from birth, are now exposed and naturally grow into using devices, like it or not. Screens, in all sizes, have become integral to the way we operate. Based on our most recent experiences with online learning, now more than ever, we continue to consider the impact of technology on our children and the way they engage with learning and others. As adults, we all want our kids to be confident users and aware of the parameters that keep us safe and support the values we strive to uphold and to live by. Whilst there are numerous resources at our fingertips in the online world, in this newsletter we endeavour to highlight those that have been recommended and/or we find to be most useful in guiding the support we provide our students.

eSafety programs

Explore the huge range of advice and resources at the national online safety hub, – programs tailored for all ages. Tips for how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • eSafety Parents — Advice for parents and carers to help children have safe experiences online.

  • eSafety Early Years — Practical advice to tackle the key online safety issues for children from birth to 5 years old.

  • eSafety Kids — A platform for kids to learn about online safety in a way they can relate to.

  • eSafety Young People — A platform for older children to learn about online safety in an environment that appeals to them.

  • eSafety Educators — Online training and resources for teachers, schools and communities.

  • eSafety Women — Empowering women to take control against online abuse.

  • eSafety Seniors — Online safety advice, tools and support for older Australians.

Student Led Conferences (with a difference)

Teachers, parents and students took valuable time to meet and discuss student progress. It was a great opportunity to reflect on the achievement of our children during learning from home, many teachers receiving a vast amount of recognition from our community for the work they do. Thank you to all families who chose to engage in this celebration of learning.

Year 4 Learning from Home

We want to share some of the delicious examples of the Year 4 students learning about fractions and the wonderful poster that Camille created on saltwater crocodiles.

The Saltwater crocodile

Grade One Learning

This week classroom communities have continued to place a focus on wellbeing, rebuilding connections and re-establishing classroom routines. Grade Ones continued a focus on Spelling and Mathematics, with students building an understanding of tens and ones, to solve addition problems.

Anastasia, 1W "We start the day with mindfulness, colouring or dot to dots. Its really relaxing"

Stephanie, 1A "Seeing my friends and teacher has still been a highlight. We've been doing Spelling in the morning"

Esther, 1A "I really liked doing writing this week. We wrote about what we are grateful for"

As we approach the long weekend be prepared to enjoy some relaxing downtime no matter the weather.

At BBPS we're always prepared

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