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Canberra Camp and so much more, there's always so much more

Christmas Carnival and BBPS fundraising efforts 

We hope you all enjoyed the 2023 BBPS Christmas Carnival. It was a huge success and that all comes down to the hard work and dedication of our very generous community. 


At BBPS the kids are at the centre of everything we do and the funds raised from this incredible event and numerous fundraising events throughout the year all go towards making the best learning experiences and opportunities for our students. 


This years fundraising will go towards:

  • 2023 and 2024 fundraising events are contributing to our new inclusive playground, refer to following page

  • New landscaping in the West playground where the new fence has been installed

  • New decodable sequential readers for our junior school 

  • New toilet doors in the West playground 

  • Eliza Bernau is working with a local Indigenous artist to create a mural that wraps around the wall and will be a continuation of our inclusive playground which features native plants and connection to the land

  • Upgrading our kitchen garden. We have grand plans to continue to enhance our kitchen garden, from new planter boxes, to chickens, upgraded composting bays for plantings and harvesting of our own fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables. 

  • Upgrading our outdoor spaces as we know how beneficial outdoor learning outside can be. 

  • Maintenance of our beautiful old heritage listed buildings 

Thank you from all of us at BBPS!

We would like to thank everyone involved in each and every fundraising event this year at BBPS. A special thank you to Terri-Anne Leske and Talo Perna for going above and beyond as our events coordinators, Marnie Lewis as president of the PA, to our parent reps for the countless hours you have volunteered, the parents who have contributed to make these events happen and of course our wonderful sponsors … we can't thank you enough! 

Thank you from all of us at BBPS!

We have our last PA meeting on Friday 24th of November at 2.00pm in the library. We would love to see some new faces joining the team, so please feel free to join us. We are hoping there might be some dads who also want to jump on board.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our current PA members for their outstanding contributions this year.

President- Marnie Lewis

Secretary- Rachel O’Donnell

Treasurer- Iluka Davidson

Administration/ Marketing - Merline McGregor

Events Coordinator- Terri-Anne Leske and Talo Perna

Class Rep Coordinator- Jenny Ermogenis

New Family Convenor- Leah Gardner

2nd hand uniform- Simone Goldin/Leah Gardner

Lost Property- Leah Gardner/Simone Goldin

Class representatives-

Prep- Georgie Jackson. Nadia Hobart. Carly Roper & Tash Homann

Grade 1- Alex Skurrie Rachelle Helmig

Grade 2- Katie Uber, Nicole Landsdown,

Carla Mylon, Elizabeth Papagiannis

Grade 3- Angie Leaf, Rachel O’Donnell, Terri-Anne Leske, Lucy Schneider

Grade 4- Jenny Ermogenis, Bec Arcuri. Brooke Irwin

Grade 5- Gabby O’Dwyer, Sarah Whiethouse, Dani Massimiani

Grade 6- Georgie Morris, Madeleine Scotis

If you are interested in joining the PA in 2024, here is an outline of the roles and responsibilities. We have a few spots to fill, so please consider joining the team, these roles can often be shared.

We are also looking for our 2024 Class Reps, if you are interested please speak to your current reps or email Megan (

We would love to have some new faces join the team!

PA President:

Chair monthly meetings

Prepare agendas for the monthly meetings in consultation with Assistant Principal

Communication and monitor PA practices to ensure it is in line with the PA Constitution, as set

out in the PA Handbook.


Maintain financials of the Parents Association

Budgeting for each event

Ensure correct allocation of expenses

Liaise with Sue and Benita in the School Administration Office in regards to all financial


Share at each monthly meeting an update on expenses and total revenue in regards to events.


Take meeting minutes – and circulate to PA members following meeting

Prepare general communications for the newsletter on behalf of PA


Manage Google Drive PA folder

Oversee Calendar of Events

Events Coordinator:

Contact person for Class Reps to support with organisation of all PA events

Oversees whole school events and coordinates working parties

Communication to class reps in support of upcoming events

New Family Convenor:

Welcome new families throughout the year

Add new families to appropriate distribution lists

Point of contact for any questions

Link to community members within their class


Administration of the BBPS Facebook group / Instagram

Partnership and communication with community organisations

Alignment of PA sponsorship practices with School Council and policy

Second Hand Uniform Coordinator:

Oversee Second Hand Uniform Stall – maintain supplies, keep tidy and presentable

Organise communication via school newsletter as needed

Lost Property Coordinator:

Sorting and labeling lost property

Maintain and tidy

Class Representative Coordinator:

Coordinates communications to class reps for distribution to class members

Confirmation of class reps in partnership with Benita at the Admin Office and Class Teachers

Maintenance and set up of class distribution lists (by week 5, term 1)

Establishment and revision of protocols for communication with community

Set up PA and Parent Rep What’sApp groups

Year 6 Canberra Camp

Bev, Shanti, Mark, Terry and Patrick have all had a wonderful time up in Canberra with our beautiful year 6 students. They fly home today after a busy four days of visiting:

Australian War Memorial

ANZAC Parade

National Capital Exhibition

Parliament House


National Museum of Australia

National Gallery of Australia (NGA)

Royal Australian Mint

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

Mount Stromlo Observatory

Electoral Education Centre (EEC)

Mt Ainslie Lookout

Prep orientation

On Wednesday 22nd of November, we had the first 2024 prep transition session to welcome our new preps for 2024. There were lots of familiar faces in the crowd and we enjoyed sharing with new and old parents all about our school. We look forward to welcoming everyone back next Wednesday for session 2. Well done to Kirsty Walker and Alison for running such an engaging session. Thank you to our guest speakers, Marnie Lewis representing the PA, Anna from PSW and Oscar from Their Care.

Curriculum dates 2024

Monday 29th January

Tuesday 30th January

Friday 9th August

Monday 4th November

Friday 20th December

The Dreamers

Join the ‘Dreamers’ in 2024! The BBPS Dreamers social club is run by the Dads of the school who organise a number of events and social and fundraising activities throughout the year! They also represent the school by taking on Brighton Primary in the annual footy match - a must see event! All are welcome so if you’re keen to be involved (or think your partner would benefit from this great community group), drop an email with your details to and we’ll reach out with more information. We look forward to welcoming you! The Dreamers committee

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