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End of a Sensational Year

The end of a sensational year - Final day is Tuesday 19th of December, at 3:30pm


We have reached the end of a jam-packed, sensational year. Congratulations to all the students at BBPS for being curious and taking on the challenge to be thinkers and for their diligence as learners throughout 2023. The semester 2 reports (and student comments) are evidence of their continued growth and commitment to learning. Semester 2 reports can be accessed via Compass from tomorrow. 


A special congratulations to our 2023 Preps, completing their first year of primary school. The prep (preparatory) year sets our students up for the transition to formal learning in Year 1, and our class of 2023 have definitely demonstrated their readiness for this next step. The strong home school partnership enables our new preppies to flourish and grow into themselves as learners.




A special farewell with very mixed emotions to our Grade 6 class of 2023 this week – who were celebrated on Monday with a fabulous lunch and followed by the formal graduation ceremony that evening. Thank you to Shanti Treloar, Naomi Beales, Jodie Gates and Kirsten Braun, supported by numerous staff members, for their organisation of the Graduation Ceremony. Many thanks also to the Parent Organising Committee for creating a wonderful lunch time celebration with a glow in the dark theme and transitioning the hall in readiness for the formal ceremony. This team also coordinated the production of the year book something to cherish forever. We cannot thank the POC enough for embracing our goal to be sustainable and for absolutely everything that goes on behind the scene.  

Looking forward to 2024


Students met their 2024 teachers this morning and will be bringing home a letter of introduction from their new teacher to share with you.

2024 Staff List as below:


 Bev May

Assistant Principal

 Kim Ancrum (returning 2024)

Phys Ed

Josh Ancrum (Tues, Wed, Fri); 

 Linda McCaffery (Mon)

Performing Arts

 Sally Wickes (Mon – Wednesday)

LOTE Japanese 

 Jack Willmott (Mon - Wednesday)

Visual Arts

 Georgie Hellier (Mon, Wed, Fri)

Reading Recovery / Tutor Learning Initiative

Averil Gramaconi (Mon – Thurs); 



Shanti Treloar 


Mark Coulston 


Naomi Beals 


Kylie White


Eliza Bernau


Anna Remfry 


Itai Gororo


Will Crossland


Alex Stock 


Claire Paitaridis 


Marnie Bignell


Daphne Fourniotis


Alison Coutts (Mon-Wed) and 

Jack Willmott  (Thurs-Fri)


Kirsty Walker


Business Manager

Sue Klein

School Administration

Benita Dalton-Danckert 

Library Tech

Sophie Strang

Integration Aide

Olivia McComnon

Integration Aide

Gilly Jedwab

Integration Aide

Angela Franzi

Integration Aide

Patrick Porter

Integration Aide

Simone Kennedy

Integration Aide

Integration Aide

Integration Aide

Rebecca Crabtree

Cathy Kirkham

Ella Martin 

OHS & First Aid

Terry Morris (Monday, Tuesday)

School First Aid

Kellie Sneyd (Wednesday - Friday)


Community fundraising and parent payment


Together with the School Council along with our very diligent Business Manager considerable effort each year is put into ensuring our Parent Payment contributions enables the continuous improvement to the educational programs we can offer.

Please see the link below to celebrate our achievements for 2023.



 Japanese University Students hosted at BBPS - EOI Host Families wanted.


Brighton Beach Primary School is extremely excited to announce that we will welcome 12 Japanese teacher training students from Nakamura Gakuen University in Fukuoka Prefecture. 


The Training and Cultural Exchange Program will run from February 27th through to March 7th  , 2024. The Japanese students will spend two days teaching and observing classes at Brighton Beach Primary School and then experience various initiatives at other schools such as Huntingdale Primary School and Oakleigh South Primary School. 


For 7 nights from February 28th until the morning of March 6th , the students will require a host family. This is an incredible opportunity for families to learn about another person’s culture and interests and open the Japanese student’s eyes to real life in Australia. The advantages of hosting are limitless, but the best part are the laughs! The students are between the ages of 21 and 23 and are taking on the challenge to be very independent in their new environment, thus they will also be responsible for travel between their school placements. 


If you are interested in hosting, please inform Lisa Evans, Jackson’s mum 1B contact



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