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Grade 2 Sleepover and more

HATS HATS and more HATS.

 Just a reminder with the lovely hot weather we have been experiencing, that all students must wear a hat for the whole of term 4. We appreciate your support to ensure we are all being sun smart. 



Evaluation Drill 

On Monday, our school had an emergency evacuation drill which our students executed beautifully. We ran the drill during lunch time and students were required to assemble in the hall. Terry Morris our OHS officer was most impressed with the calm and timely response from all staff and students.  


Grade 2 Sleepover: Well done to all our brave students who enjoyed a sleepover at school last week – for some, their first night away from home. Many thanks to Amy Chisholm, Claire Paitaridis and Daphne Fourniotis for providing such a rich experience for our students.  Special thank you to all the parents for their support and for being so prompt with the 7.00am pick up time! 


Grade 6 Action Projects: Congratulations to our Grade 6s who have completed their community action projects. Thank you to the Grade 6 teachers for the support and mentorship provided as part of this learning process. 


Parent Association

A big thanks to the brilliant parent team for organising the spectacular Halloween Disco  – an outstanding night that brought such joy to our students. Thank you to our teachers for their support and supervision on the night. Our students are waiting eagerly to find out who has won the prestigious Halloween Poster Competition at our assembly on Monday as there is a pizza party up for grabs. 

Health at BBPS

There are a number of nasty viruses circulating through the school currently – a number of our staff have been absent with similar symptoms: headaches, sore throat, no voice – Please tune into your children’s health and keep them home if unwell. It appears these viruses are quite contagious.

While we don't need to report COVID-19 cases, please continue to be aware of its presence. Recommendations continue to be:

  • If showing any symptoms, complete a RAT or PCR.

  • If unwell, stay home.

  • If  positive - it is recommended to isolate for five days.

  • While schools are no longer required to notify the school community of positive cases, it is helpful to still notify the school of a positive result. This helps us to monitor for increased case numbers, at which point the school can notify the relevant grade cohort or whole school community if deemed appropriate. This helps us all to continue to be safe.


Baby celebrations

We are thrilled to share with you the safe arrival of Jodie and Fikre’s baby boy, born on the 29th of October. The family are all doing well and he is just gorgeous. 



BBPS Christmas Community Fair

We are looking forward to seeing our BBPS families joining in the community spirit tomorrow night. A huge thank you to the team who have made it all happen, you are incredible! 


On Friday before the Christmas Carnival, please head home after school for a quick rest before returning from 4pm onwards. It is an expectation that all children are supervised by a parent/guardian at all times throughout the event. First Aid and Lost Child Station will be located at the token sale tent. Should you need any support during the event, please see an adult in a yellow vest.




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