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Principal for a Day

We went to all the classrooms, and we were looking for the neatest and the best learning.

When we visited the classes, we looked around and we noticed that lots of classrooms were doing good work and all the kids were very engaged in what they were doing. We had clip boards and a checklist so we could report back to assembly on Monday.

Some classes that stood out were:

For neatness - 1F was very organised and the learning was very calm.

For Prep - some were at specialists, and some were in investigations. They were focused, and quiet because they could choose what station they wanted to be at. We remembered when we had investigations when we were in Prep. It was very fun.

We went into Year 3 when they were having fruit snack and remembered that we did not have our fruit snack, so we went to the staffroom and we chatted with Benita.

Year five students commented – Ms Leaf and Ms Murchie were very serious. They may have been a bit overwhelmed in the older classes but for grade three students they were very good at their job. (Asher)

Our new Prep 2024 Enrolment


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