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Swimming Champions and more

As we approach the conclusion of our first term, we're thrilled to celebrate the remarkable achievements and growth of our students. Throughout these past months, we've witnessed a smooth transition into new classes and routines, a testament to their resilience and adaptability. This marks our final newsletter for the term.


Swimming Champions 

Congratulations to our District swimmers! Our students displayed exceptional talent and sportsmanship, showcasing the true spirit of BBPS. The entire team can rightly be very proud as the winners of the 2024 Aggregate Shield. Well done to our swim team of Anna Bajic, Gigi Cardoso, Olivia Freer, Mimi Hearnden, Frankie and Harriet Higginson, Joshua Scott, Tilly Strong, Isabelle and Will Waters and Charlotte Whitehouse. Special shout out to Anna who is going on to Regionals for 50 m freestyle and Josh Scott for showing true courage and the will to compete in his swim.

Harmony Day


BBPS was adorned with a splash of orange today to mark Harmony Day. Well done to Cem and Kamanu, our cultural captains, who shared important information around the meaning of this celebration. Students engaged in a range of activities this week to embrace a commitment to diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging. 


BBPS Welcome BBQ


We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended our annual Welcome BBQ last Friday. A very relaxed atmosphere enabled families to wind down and mingle. A special shoutout goes to Kyle for rallying the Dreamers and many new recruits to help with the BBQ, making the choices easy and a sizzling success! Thanks to Phil our resident musician and best music teacher ever for his exotic renditions on the Oud - a cross between an early guitar and a mandolin. Thanks to all the teachers who set up games and played soccer with the kids. It was as usual, a magnificent BBPS team effort for the clean up at the end with every one helping. Mr Ancrum is always a man of action on the microphone.


 School Council


We extend a warm welcome and congratulations to the newly elected members of the 2024 School Council, who will be meeting for the first time next Monday. Your dedication and commitment are truly appreciated, and we look forward to your valuable contributions.

Ongoing members – David Capps, Helen Tiver, Simon Birch, Merline McGregor, Emma Liley, Emily Ratnagobal

New members - Stephanie Genge, John Larman, Marg Villella

DE members - Will Crossland, Kylie White, Kim Ancrum, Bev May


Practice Drills


Safety is always our top priority, and so we recently conducted our first OH&S practice drill. We practice several drills throughout the year. This week, as part of a lockdown scenario, an initial alert was given to staff and students, followed by the locking of all entrances and interior doors to limit access and movement within the building. Students and staff are directed to seek shelter, where they remain quiet and await further instructions from leadership or emergency responders. The ultimate goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone on the premises until it is deemed safe to resume normal activities or evacuate if necessary. Well done to our students and staff for a calm practice! Please note that as part of the process, once students and staff are confirmed as safe and secure, parents would be notified via Compass.


The Annual BBPS Easter Raffle


A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Prep and Grade 1 members of the Parent Association, as well as all those who generously provided the donations for our Easter Raffle. We eagerly anticipate our annual end of term assembly, held at 10am next Thursday 28th March.


Phillip Island Surf Camp - Year 5


We also send our best wishes to our Grade 5 students who are gearing up for an exciting adventure as they head off to Phillip Island Camp next week.


Shout Outs 


Well done to the many students at BBPS who have reached the finals stage of competition in their various community sport teams. 

Good luck to the Grade 4 Thunder Wolves for their grandfinal this weekend - Harry Biggin, Harry Homann, Harry Scotis, Jake Sowerby, Jack Skurrie, Charlie O'Neill, Thomas Galloway, and Sonny Bates. And a shout out to our Crystal Wolves Girls who are in a play off final also: Charlotte K, Charlotte White, Amelie, Amelia, Pola, Pia, Sophia M and Sofia P





See the following information if you’d like some support with navigating Compass:

One-Time Code for Rapid Sign-In


Parent One Stop Shop App Update


Please note that there will be an early dismissal at 2:30 pm on Thursday, the 28th of March to mark the end of term. TheirCare is available if further supervision is required. School will resume on Monday, 16th of April. 


Once again, thank you for your continued support and involvement in our school community. Wishing you all a wonderful and restful break ahead!


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