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Term 4 Week 5

Curriculum Day

Teachers engaged in a day of reflection and planning as part of Monday's Curriculum Day. We took the time to reflect and synthesise our beliefs about learning at BBPS based on our 2020 experiences. Some underlying themes we explored were:

"If you don't listen to your kids, they won't listen to you" Paul Thompson

"Meaningful feedback should spark thinking" Meg Read

"Know what kind of learners your students are, so that they know what kind of learners they are themselves" Shanti Treloar

Think differently, because it cannot be the same. Our students tell us: "I've loved the changes and the opportunity to learn in different ways. One of the reasons why, is because I had an amazing teacher".

Teachers then had the opportunity to analyse student samples and discuss learning growth and assessment in preparation for semester 2 reports.

World Teacher's Day

A big thank you to the PA and our community for the spoils we received last Friday to celebrate World Teacher's Day. The words of kindness and thanks were humbling and so appreciative, especially this year. For us, it is a reminder that we truly love what we do and are so grateful for the community that we are a part of.

Dress Rehearsal

Our Production, 'Together' is up and running with Sally Wickes and a team of teachers supporting students in their preparation for recording key scenes in the coming weeks.

Next week students will be doing a dress rehearsal - students are asked to bring their agreed costumes in on Monday for the week. More details on Compass tomorrow.

Week 7 we are recording - 'Break a Leg' to our students, and we look forward to sharing the end product with you.

Please make sure that you have consented to the related Compass Event to ensure that your child appears on screen.

Halloween Disco

Thanks again to Jenny (Demi and Billie) and the PA for organising our virtual disco last Friday. Well attended by a number of our families, it was a great opportunity to honour this beloved school event (and enjoy the jokes shared by Mrs May, Mrs Ancrum and Miss Wickes!). Thanks to all families who shared their home photos with us.


Congratulations to our Upstanders Network, who were mentioned in parliament recently for their continued outstanding effort to stay connected and share their message about cyberbullying and prevention. Grade 3-5 students at BBPS will be invited to participate in the celebration of learning during week 7 (remotely of course).

Parliament_Speech_2020 10 29_MembersStat
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Not returning (or enrolling) in 2021

Thanks to families who have notified us already. If your child is not returning to Brighton Beach Primary School in 2021 can you please let Benita know via email at

with “2021 Student not returning” in the subject line. This greatly assists us with our planning for next year.


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