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Term 4 Week 5

Term 4 Week 5

Its been a joyous two weeks since our last newsletter, as our students have returned to face to face schooling. Congratulations to all our students for the way they have returned to school routine and relished the opportunity to work together ... in person! With our return to school comes some exciting news - Congratulations to Naomi Beales (Grade 6) and her partner Matt who are expecting their first child next March. We wait with excited anticipation for another Brighton Beach baby! Tomorrow we celebrate World Teacher's Day. World Teacher’s Day provides the opportunity to shine the spotlight on and thank teachers for their work in improving student outcomes. "The teachers work very hard on Zoom, I think World teachers Day is a good idea to thank them for their hard work, in fact I think every day we should thank our teachers as well as World Teacher's Day." (Jude Prep E) All staff at BBPS constantly reflect on their practice in order to understand their core work further. They heavily invest time, energy and passion into ensuring that students are well supported both in terms of wellbeing and learning, to give them the best possible chances in life. These last two years have highlighted the teaching profession for their dedication, flexibility and commitment to students - we are so grateful for the teaching team at BBPS and thank them for all they do!

Check out some of our year 4 students' reflections when they tackled the task of making a hat for Melbourne Cup Carnival they were imagining and creating using bits and pieces from home. In the creating process they naturally make observations about themselves and also discoveries as to what works best. Aryan "We were asked to make a hat - I had some cardboard in my garage at home so I decided to use it to make my hat rather than buy new materials. I learned that I need to be calm while making a hat and I need to carefully calculate the dimensions" Maddie "Mine was inspired by an old headband that I don't use any more. I made it into a fascinator - Hot glue is really useful. I also didn't realise how big the Melbourne Cup is - lots of people get involved." Daniel " We could choose our own materials but I discovered that sometimes things don't go to plan. I also think it is important that you be creative otherwise all the hats would look the same." Sebastian " I made mine out of fabric. Unfortunately it is a bit bigger than my head but it does fit my Dad's head - measuring is really important! I used my Mum's sewing machine to put it together."

Call for donations - games and puzzles We are seeking donations of games and puzzles (complete and undamaged) - these will be used to develop social skills, foster connections between students and provide opportunities for ongoing collaborative learning experiences. Please drop your donations off at the office. Thanks in advance.

Acknowledging the Bunurong People of the Kulin Nation Kulin Nation

Wednesday 27 October 2021 Bayside Council has revised its Acknowledgement of Country to recognise the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council’s recent appointment of the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation as the Registered Aboriginal Party and traditional owners of the City of Bayside. Acknowledgement of Country is based on guidance provided by the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council and approval from the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation. Over 25 years Council has acknowledged the Boonwurrung people as traditional owners and has established a longstanding and very respectful relationship with the Boonwurrung Land and Sea Foundation. We will continue to maintain our connection with the foundation given their contribution and involvement with the municipality. Registered Aboriginal Party’s (RAPs) are Traditional Owner Groups, legally recognised under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 with responsibilities for managing and protecting Aboriginal cultural heritage relating to Country. As part of the process of recognition, RAPs are formally acknowledged as being able to speak on behalf of Aboriginal people with connections to defined areas An Acknowledgement of Country is a protocol delivered at the opening of meetings, conferences, special events and official functions, it is also a formal written statement contained in policies, plans and other printed material. It is a way for non-Aboriginal people to acknowledge and pay respects to the traditional owners of the land. BBPS continues to focus on building an understanding of our First People's History through our teaching and learning program. At each Assembly our year 6 Leaders commence with our Acknowledgement to Country. We thank our team of teachers who lead this work Amy Chisholm, Vanessa Gadea and Shanti Treloar. We also thank Sophie for updating our resources in the school library collection.


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