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Term 4 Week 7

PRODUCTION: Congratulations to all students for the successful performance and recording of this year’s production! Tentatively put Wed Dec 9th @7pm in your diary for a live stream premiere of ‘Together’ for you and your family to watch from the comfort of your own home. Suggest you plan for popcorn now!

WELLBEING WEEK: Great effort this week by our whole school, who engaged in a range of activities from dance offs, to virtual reality lessons, coding games and fitness sessions – all created and driven by our Grade 6 Leaders.

Tomorrow is Emotions Day – students are invited to wear a colour that best represents their emotions during lock down, offering a gold coin donation to Beyond Blue. Students will be completing an activity, led by our School Captains and SRC Coordinators, to create a whole school rainbow to capture our 2020 Wellbeing.

Congratulations to our Year 5 Upstanders who supported Year 4 and 5 students to engage in daily activities focused on taking action online – jump onto the Network Padlet: to see what students from Brighton Beach, Beaumaris, Sandringham and Sandringham East got up to! Many thanks to Bayside Youth Council for supporting this network project and to Megan Craig (Year 5 Leading Teacher) for her outstanding leadership and coordination of this highly successful program.

Student quotes -

What have you learnt about taking action online?

Aaron Kwok – It is really important to have evidence if you are being bullied online. Otherwise you won’t be able to take action. If you have a ‘come back’ and say something to a bully it is important that it doesn’t make the situation worse.

Hamish – If something nasty happens you need to tell that person to stop, play friendly, screen shot it so that you can report it.

What does being an upstander mean to you?

Milly Lark – Up Standers need to tell bullies that they are not doing the right thing. They also show other people how to stand up to bullies.

Abbey – Looking out for people and making sure that you stand up to bullies and tell them that it is not ok to be mean.

Describe your Upstanders experience for 2020.

Millie Brown – I have really enjoyed working with the students from other classes. We created a dance which spread awareness about bullying. We also got to work with other schools which was fun. I feel like I have done something important because bullying is wrong and hurts people.

Abbey – I have learnt how to be part of the solution and it was really fun doing the videos.


Year 4s are the first of our senior school to engage in an onsite school camp, in lieu of school camp this year. Students enjoyed local excursions to the beach and park, camp lunch and numerous team building activities. Many thanks to Nick Duckett and Ryan Bolger for getting this up and running. Next week is Grade 5s’ turn!

PREP TRANSITION: Our Prep teachers began the 2021 Prep transition process this week by visiting our local feeder kinders to meet some of our incoming preps. Our orientation program will go ahead in the first week of December, with timetabled staggered visits on Tuesdays and Thursdays for two weeks. More information about the Prep 2021 program can be found on

A Special Visit

Some surprises are just a pure joy - like these two little cherubs who popped into the principal's office to make a special delivery...

So Bev said, "Benita, don't say why the children popped into my office". I replied, "Okay Bev, I won't tell anyone it was your birthday".

Next Week

Don’t forget about our virtual book fair that is currently on - see the library section of our newsletter for more details.

Monday is a virtual assembly – parents of grade 1 students are invited to Zoom in for the year level’s class share. Zoom link will be shared in Friday’s comms.


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