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Visual Arts

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Visual Art is an important area of learning at Brighton Beach Primary School.  We value imagination, creativity and original thinking and this is especially evident through the Arts.


All students attend the Visual Arts Resource Room for a one hour lesson per week, taken by a specialist art teacher.  During this session students use a range of art media and materials to plan, make and present artworks which communicate their experiences, feelings, observations and ideas.


Students learn and explore many art processes and techniques that incorporate the disciplines of art, craft and design.  New media and materials are introduced, trialled, explored and revisited.  This enables students to discover the inter-relationships between different elements and principles of art and design.   Students use art terminology when reflecting upon their art.  They discuss and learn about artworks from different genres, cultures and historical periods.


Visual Art topics often relate to units of inquiry being researched in the generalist classrooms.  The arts program also makes inquiries into Visual Art topics to develop specific art skills.


Vibrant displays of student artwork are changed regularly in corridors and the art room to allow for as many students as possible to have their artworks viewed by the school community.

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