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Literacy & Numeracy

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Literacy and Numeracy form the core of our curriculum at all Year Levels at Brighton Beach.

A daily two hour literacy block is timetabled across the school, focusing on reading and writing for an hour each. Where possible this occurs in the mornings from 9am until 11am for Years Prep-2 classes.  All classes schedule an hour for numeracy each day.

The literacy block includes the specific, targeted teaching of reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as literature appreciation for older students. Skills learned at this time are applied in a variety of ways, to all areas of the curriculum.

Spelling is an essential component of the English curriculum. Learning to write well involves learning to spell, as writing creates the need for spelling. We take a consistent, whole school approach to spelling which looks at the sound, sound blends, roots and meanings of words.

Numeracy refers to all aspects of Mathematics. This incorporates number, measurement, chance, space and mathematical language. A hands on, problem-solving approach is usually used. 

We pride ourselves on the excellent academic achievement of our students in Literacy and Numeracy and the national testing results bear this out.

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