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Literacy Support

Reading Recovery, Additional Assistance, ESL (English as a Second Language). Reading Recovery is a school program that offers special help to children whose literacy skills are slow to develop. The Reading Recover teacher identifies the needs of every child and then teaches them to overcome their literacy learning difficulties. It enables children to become active and independent readers and writers, better able to join in the daily literacy activities of the classroom. It is a one to one program administered primarily to Grade 1 children by a trained Reading Recovery teacher.

Additional assistance, referred to as Literacy Support is available for students, mainly Grades 1-4, who are identified as needing extra support. This support complements the classroom program. The program is reviewed every term and is highly flexible to suit the needs of individual and small group needs.

ESL support is provided as a case by case situation. There is also a newly arrived program that students can access if require.

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