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Term 2 Week 7

It is so lovely to have part of our school back and in face to face operation. Without exception, the Junior School is very happy to be back, and we have really enjoyed welcoming parents and kids as they arrive and leave with everyone being mindful of social distancing. The staggered starts and ends to each day help to keep everyone moving. We are fortunate at BBPS to have very open expanses for highly visible access to the buildings. We ask for morning drop off in particular, for our families to use the single gates on Exon and Windermere as one-way entries and to use the bigger double gates to exit. Thank you to the Wilson family for welcoming the television crew into their home for a family perspective on the staged return and to all our families who responded to the media who were here to film our start.

As we sat in the sun in the playground with the kids as they enjoyed playtimes we had the opportunity to collect some of their impressions…

Out of the mouths of babes… between the squeals of delight – there was the complete and utter joy of being back! Here are some of their responses…

- I’m happy being back with Ms Walker and all my friends. Washing your hands is boring but you have to do it because of the Corona!

- Seeing everyone back at school and being in the garden picking edible plants (chives)

- It's good seeing all my friends

- It was fun drawing on each other’s backs. I drew a love heart and nobody got it.

- Having all my friends and teachers

- Having a play in AT LEAST a playground and getting out more

- I was happy eating all my lunch inside, it just made me happy

- Seeing our teachers and our friends

- Getting back into my uniform

- I’m happy to be back because it is much easier for my mother

- I’m happy to be back for some quiet and without my brother distracting me

- It’s a bit tricky because it is a different routine, my teacher is probably a bit better but my mum was good at teaching partition.

- I’m happy to leave my dad as my teacher behind, he doesn’t know half the stuff. I had to teach HIM some of the things, if it wasn’t for me he would be emailing the teacher the whole time.

Senior School

We have loved the quick visits by some of our siblings as they help with the drop offs and pick-ups. Whilst they have two more weeks of remote learning we wanted to share some of the exemplary examples of their achievements and congratulate them on the pride they are taking in the presentation of their learning.

Semester 1 Reports

Please see the attached letter detailing adjustments to our semester one reports, as guided by the requirements set by the Department of Education. Teachers will be reporting on both term 1 and term 2 learning, and reports will be shared with families first week back in Term 3.

The Three-Way conferences (times now open via Compass Conferences – see information below on how to register) taking place next week will further support teachers to understand the celebrations and achievements that have taken place in your home during Learning from Home.

Second Hand Uniform

Due to the current health concerns, we are not taking second hand uniform donations at this time.

You may still purchase second hand uniform from the current stock. Should you wish to do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in at the office prior to entering the building

  2. Select your second hand uniform items

  3. Pay for items at the office

  4. Sign out

Many thanks to Marnie Lewis who continues to oversee this stall during this time.

Meet the new member of our Cleaning Team

Introduced by: Anya, Harry, Jett, Struan, Michael, Charlotte, Nick, James and Deveron.

Akila is 30 which means he was born in 1990

He’s from Sri Lanka

He really likes cricket and barracks for Sri lanka

He’s never tasted spaghetti bolognaise

He prefers rice dishes

He has completed a Masters degree in ICT at Charles Sturt

While he is looking for a job in computers he is cleaning our school from top to bottom, including the outside playground equipment!

His favourite colour is blue.

He barracks for the Tigers because his uni professor did

We need to make him feel welcome at BBPS so please say hi when you see him.

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