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Term 3 Week 6


What a CELEBRATION this week has been – so many wonderful highlights as we took a moment to pause, reflect and acknowledge the importance of wellbeing during this time. Thanks for inserting our circuit break and coming along with us this week.

As well as the continued outstanding efforts of our students to showcase their learning, linked to poetry recitation, measurement, number patterns, book clubs, writing and spelling, a resurgence of motivation was detected (virtually) as students engaged with a number of activities that reminded us all that as we traverse these challenging times, we are people first and we need to look after ourselves and each other.

Across the school, class check-ins morphed into opportunities to further connect peers and celebrate personal strengths.

Well done to our Prep students for showcasing personal skills and running tutorials for their friends.

Grade 1 and 2 students reveled in the opportunity to attend Mystery Zooms – and re-discovering friendly faces and attending live lessons based on their own interests.

Grade 3 and 4 embraced themes such as pyjama day, sports day and rainbow day and relished small group sessions that connected friends.

Grade 5 and 6 directed their own well being learning this week, working with their class to choose from a variety of activities ranging from dancing, joke sharing, Kahootz quizzes and meditation.

Huge congratulations must go to our Grade 6 leaders for their facilitation of optional Friendship Workshops, which were well attended by students across P-6 and offered chances to draw, dance, cook, be athletic and connect online. Many thanks to siblings and families for joining in the fun, and to Naomi Beales and Amy Chisholm for supporting students to lead these sessions.

Thanks to Sensei Yamada for her reflections for the groups that she was privy to on Wednesday …

Ruby, Lauren and Abbey’s cooking session was just superb. The brownies looked delicious! The girls communicated so well and gave very respectful responses to some unexpected questions. One in particular was about the eggs; “Put the eggs in the bowl” Ruby said. Question: “Should we crack them first?”. Ruby: Yes!

Lucy, Maureen, Hannah, Polly ran a brilliant dance party. Participants learnt a few awesome moves. Thanks kids!

Don't forget to add to our Spoonville on Exon Street, and while you are there - see the lovely message from our school neighbour below:

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