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Term 3 Week 3

It's hard to believe that it is the end of week 3, term 3 based on the term we have had so far! We are thrilled to have our children back, and to be able to dig deeper into our learning face to face.

We giggled at this reflection about learning from home, by parent/journalist Jacqueline Maley (Sunday Age) – we could relate, as we are sure you can too:

“Home schooling while working is a raucous joke that splits the day into atoms equivalent to your child’s attention span. It pulverises concentration. It robs you of quiet. It is adorable and infuriating. It is very hard to combine with any other activity.”

In other words, it can seem, impossible! And yet, WE DID IT.

Writer's Recognition

Flynn’s story (from Lockdown 2020) has been read by Tim Minchin on the Storykids podcast streaming on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Check out one of our superstar writers - our budding author Flynn Plumley now in Year 5 being recognised for his creativity whilst in year 4 during lockdown. Click here

Baking Brownies

Check out our BBPS Master Chefs in action in the staffroom.

Some updates on school events, following the latest restrictions:

Walk-a-thon Money

Thank you so much to those who have returned their fundraising money. Please do so this week, Friday is the final chance. We will announce our total money raised (it’s phenomenal so far!) and the winning Pizza Party class in our next newsletter.

Grade 5/6 Movie Night

Thursday 12th August – our hope is that this 5pm viewing will still be able to go ahead. We are currently confirming venue details to ensure we are in line with density limits. Watch this space – it will happen at some point!


excursions can go ahead, in line with venue restrictions. Please be aware that most venues are required to use electronic record keeping to support contact tracing. Parents/carers/guardians are advised that, when required, the school will be providing excursion venues with contact details for students. The phone number on school file for the student will be provided as the nominated contact number. Venues will be collecting student names and contact phone numbers for a legitimate purpose and are subject to Victorian privacy laws so will handle the information securely and only retain it for the required 28-day period.


Currently cancelled for this restriction period.


Planning for school camps will continue to go ahead. Our ability to conduct upcoming school camps will be guided by current DET Guidelines which outline detailed processes for camps. Please continue to complete the payment process, and know that should a camp be cancelled we have refund processes in place.


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