Term 2 Week 1

Welcome back everyone, it’s been a great start to what is shaping up to be a jam packed term. We have so much to look forward to and by looking out for each other we have so much to be grateful for as everyone stays COVID safe. Term 1 always sets the scene for what is to come and we thank the following people who have kindly accepted positions on School Council. We are very much looking forward to some face to face meetings this year, as well as the flexibility of a hybrid model accommodating our travelling parents with the option of ZOOM.

2021 BBPS School Council

President : David Capps

Treasurer: Sharon Andrew

Finance Committee: Emma Liley, Sharon Andrew, Helen Tiver, Megan Craig, Bev May

Marketing and Publication Committee: Candice McGowan, Talo Perna (PA), Benita Danckert, Naomi Beales, Ryan Bolger, Kim Ancrum, Bev May

Education and Policy Committee: Kim Ancrum and Violetta Wuiske

Buildings and Grounds: David Capps, Marnie Lewis-Downing, Basil Tambanis Helen Tiver, Ryan Bolger, Bev May

What are we learning this term?

Classes spent this week getting back into school routines, reconnecting with friends and began to explore and unpack this term’s curriculum focus areas. Across the school students will be exploring:

Literacy – Reading Groups and Book Clubs will begin this term, if they haven’t already, providing an opportunity for students to engage in small group instruction suited to their reading level.

Keep an eye out for news of our Annual BBPS Spelling Bee, to take place end of term. Steffi Paulin Year 6 is our current spelling champion.

Parents Helpers are being welcomed back into classrooms

On Monday, May 3rd 9-10am, Literacy Consultant Julie Shepherd will be running a parent helper session at BBPS. This session will focus on providing practical tips for how you might support students at home, and at school. This session will again be facilitated on Friday, 14th May 9-10am. Please sign up to your nominated session by completing the GOOGLE FORM. All parents wishing to volunteer in classrooms are asked to complete one of our sessions. This Parent Helper session is designed for parents in P-2.

Numeracy – Following on from last term’s exploration of place value, students will be building their knowledge and understanding of addition and subtraction, differentiated across the year levels. Keep an eye out on Compass for Level Team updates of what this looks like for your child.

Staffing: Welcome back to Mrs Kylie White into Year 5. Shanti Treloar is currently in a part time position and as our Maths Learning Specialist, will be implementing a Maths extension program, working closely with classroom teachers to meet the needs of all students. More on this to come.

Science – All grades have an inquiry focus linked to Science this term. See the calendar for the numerous opportunities to share in our learning in this area throughout the term. Check out the Year 2 classroom windows for their take on caring for our natural environment.

BBPS Tennis Champion

Congratulations to Belis Gulener who this week competed in the Division Tennis Competition. Belis progresses to the next round after winning 4/5 matches. An outstanding effort and we wish you well at the School Sport Victoria South Metro Tennis tournament in May.

Congratulations must also go to Aaron Kwok, who will be celebrated tomorrow at the offices of Federal MP Tim Wilson for his nomination as a finalist in the ANZAC Poem Competition. We look forward to Aaron sharing his poem ‘For the Fallen’ with the school at Monday’s ANZAC assembly.

For The Fallen

Where red poppies sway day and night,

Rest brave heroes of great might,

Climbing ravines through the dark nights

Shedding their blood and losing their lives.

Lest we forget.

They were heroes in body and name,

The Anzacs were heroic and brave.

Young most were, and young they stay

For the battle of Gallipoli ended their days.

Though they have passed,

Their memories live on,

And they will live on, and on and on,