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Term 4 Week 11


It is hard to believe that we are at the end of our academic year – and what a year 2020 has been. Heartening, through this whole ordeal, has been the outstanding positive can-do attitude of our staff, students and families. This week has been a celebration, reflecting the values and culture of BBPS – All in this together! How timely that our first sunflowers are beginning to bloom along our Windermere fence, signifying the growth and journey of all of us this year.

GRADE 6 GRADUATION: Not only were we celebrating being in the hall together for this momentous event (rather than the original plan of streaming!), it was a wonderful night to bestow on our Class of 2020 our heartfelt congratulations for all their achievements and to farewell them as they move on from their time at primary school. There in spirit, former teachers commented on this cohort as being self-driven, inclusive, sharing a great sense of humour and sense of self and others. We wish you well grade 6!

A big thank you to the Parent Graduation Committee for transforming our hall into a magical Willy Wonka Factory in celebration, and to Amy Chisholm and Naomi Beales for their organisation of the night.

Excitingly, we had two students receive the Goldstein Medal for 2020 – presented by Tim Wilson MP who made time to attend our ceremony – thank you Tim. Congratulations to Abigail Barden (Abby) and Ruby Johns

A quiet determination to help others or to make it right is often innate within personal dispositions. It presents as a self-responsibility to do something by lending a hand. Sometimes it can be in response to a catalyst. Sometimes it can start from a seed of an idea. Sometimes shared beliefs come together combining different character strengths. Two students this year shared the Goldstein Medal because on many occasions they came together to embody the ethos of BBPS and the school values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Reflection and Relationship to do something kind for others.

Commencing in Year 5 with the Buddy Program, Abby and Ruby have shown a maturity beyond their years in understanding the importance of responding to the needs of others, respecting that we are all individuals and can use our unique qualities to be inclusive and achieve great outcomes for all.

A generosity of spirit and genuine interest in others has shone through on many occasions again this year. most notably, the initiative for collecting and sorting replacement books for Sandringham Primary when their school burnt down.

Congratulations to you both on being worthy co- recipients of the Goldstein Medal for BBPS for 2020. We wish you all the very best for all of your future endeavours.

Academic Excellence: This year the Department of Education instigated an extension program for identified high ability students. At Year 6 Graduation BBPS has introduced formal recognition of students who qualify for this program with the introduction of an Academic Excellence Award. The student in Year 6 who has achieved this esteemed award for 2020, the first recipient of this award at BBPS is Lauren Batchelder. Lauren can be exceptionally proud of her achievements. And to Helen and James, this is a moment to cherish and to enjoy as very proud parents.


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