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Term 4 Week 8

Book Donations

Kids are so naturally thoughtful and responsive in times of need. Our leaders at BBPS have shown such great initiative as they genuinely wanted to do something to support Sandringham PS after the fire gutted and destroyed their library and other classrooms. Abby had an idea, and that was enough for a team to jump on board. The Library, SRC and School Captains, have doggedly pursued this year long project to finally load the boxes last week for the delivery to Sandy. Rightfully filled with pride at the generous response from the BBPS families to help a neighboring school in their time of need.

Thanks to Sophie for her behind the scenes encouragement and support.

From Sandringham

We send a very big thankyou to the student school leaders of Brighton Beach Primary School for their initiative in organising a book drive for our school library. They sent out a request earlier in the year asking for all families to donate at least one book each to our library. Not only did they collect many books but they have sorted them into labelled boxes for us too. The above photo shows the leaders after they have loaded all the boxes into the trailer for delivery.

Thank you to everyone at Brighton Beach Primary for your support in restocking our school library. Louise Neave, Principal.

Caring for our Garden

Our students take great pride in our surrounds and enjoy lending a hand to care for our garden. We are currently nurturing some sunflowers that we have grown from seed. We have a very committed year three team who ensure that water is being kept up to our 22 surviving seedlings.

Provision of a Safe Environment

Emergency Drills - Practice Information

Each term the school conducts emergency evacuation training drills. These are planned at the commencement of each year and recorded on the OHS Activities Planner. Prior to any drill the process is explained to the students to minimise any level of anxiety.

The purpose of the drills is to:

  • Establish procedures for relocation

  • Prepare students to evacuate in a calm manner

  • Assist staff to know their roles and responsibilities

  • Identify any deficiencies in the process.

The drills are implemented to cover a range of incidents that could impact on the health and safety of all people on site.

  • Evacuations that could be held on-site, off-site or in a lock out are called when there are problems within the school buildings. These include incidents involving chemicals, gas, fire, bomb or substance notification.

  • A shelter in place is called when there is a problem in the immediate external environment.

  • A lock down is implemented when there is an intruder or criminal activity in the local area.

Observations are made during each event and an evaluation is completed. This is later discussed by the Incident Management Team who make recommendations on how to improve the procedures and modify the school’s Emergency Management Plan.

School Photos

In your child's bag today... we finally can have photos done on site. Yay!

Sibling Photos: Parents inform your children to get their sibling photo taken on photo day. This is important this year as order forms have been delayed and cutoff is 8am on photography day and we would hate for families to miss out.

SchoolPix is no longer accepting cash


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