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School Accountability

The school strategic plan, annual implementation plan and annual report are key elements of the Victorian Department of Education's Accountability framework that acknowledges that effective schools regularly evaluate school and student performance and use this to plan for improvement as a matter of course.

The school strategic plan enables everyone in the school community including students, parents and all staff, to know what the school is aiming to achieve over the next four years and how it intends to achieve the goals, targets and key improvement strategies identified to support improvement.


The annual implementation plan describes how the key improvement strategies in the school strategic plan will be put into operation and how they will be monitored. The annual implementation plan also incorporates other significant projects to be undertaken by the school in that year. It is not a stand-alone document but flows from the school strategic plan.


The school annual report provides an opportunity for the school council, leadership team, staff and students to reflect on the success or otherwise of their improvement strategies and the allocation of resources, and informs planning for improvement in the following year.

Policies and Payments

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